13 Disney Face Swaps You Cannot Unsee

1. ..... Nigel ?

2. Remember when Esme and Quasi got high?

Is it mean when I laughed out loud at this?

3. Scrump!

I don't know why Annabelle the haunted doll pops into my head

4. Esme is kinda fun to mess with ain't she

But it kinda looks cute in certain angles now does it...

5. Under the sea lol

Deep see creatures

6. So who kisses who now?


7. Grumpy Dumpty

Does she start singing hi-ho now?

8. Tarzan's face on that body. Lol priceless.

*Swings away*

9. Will you still be able to "kiss the girl"?

Down here is better

10. This is twisted in so many ways

"You killed mufasssaa"

11. You know, I'd rather just keep my voice prince won't like me at all.

If Ariel was an ugly ass b*, do you think she had a chance?

12. Mr Fredricksseeennnn!!

Awwwwe *.*

13. There must be more than this photoshopped life!

No one's pretty like Gaston

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