Type of Coffee You Take Reveals Your Personality

Thank you, Prince.

History of Coffee dates way back to the 11th century where people found this bean that look weird-ish. They tried boiling it in water and thought it as a "magical fruit" and was used for medicinal purposes for a very long time. Well, I could say coffee does cure the soul in the morning.

Today is your lucky day. Today you will find out more about yourself using a very accurate test of knowing how you take your coffee. And if you don't drink coffee, why the hell are you living? Let's get on with it. Read below and find out your core personality by simply knowing which type of coffee you take.

Espresso - The Leader

Espresso drinkers are those people who like that quick shot in the morning. These are the leaders, the one with the perspective. One shot then go, one quick think then execute. You are organized and love that energized and focused feeling. You're usually always on top of your game and feel accomplished the moment your working hours are over. You get to go home relaxed and fulfilled because you know you did a good job today.

Double Espresso - The Practical One

You definitely believe in logic. You are the extreme practical person and you are a very hardworking person. You function clearer and concise. You understand the directions from others really clearly. You do the best work and does exactly what the boss wants you to do (even more). You are a person who requires extra boost because you know a little caffeine might just mean another shot which is sort of a waste of precious working time.

Latte - The Comfortable One

You are a very laid back person and it is a good side because it means you don't overanalyze shit. You reflect on the nature of things and let your imagination run free. You may have a bit of a hard time making life decisions because of your comfortable attitude. You tend to be on the happy side, not worrying too much believing that everything will fall into place one day so why bother?

Cappuccino - The Sophisticated One

You have a high sense of style. You are always polished and put together. You are sassy, classy and never trashy. You have a very creative mind and your social skills will put Facebook to shame.

Frappuccino - The Adventurer

You have a lot of energy considering the amount of caffeine a frappuccino offers. You are very spontaneous and you like being zapped by sugar. You have a very positive energy which makes people around you comfortable talking to you. You prefer going with the flow rather than planning every detail.

Iced Coffee - No Drama

You take charge of a lot of stuff. You don't have time for drama. You are very confident and you don't mind expressing your opinion as long as you know they're right. You don't go with the flow, you start the waves. You aren't affected by shit.

Black Coffee - Minimalistic

You are a straightforward bitch. You know what you want and how you want it and you do it. You mostly are quietly observing the world and it's cruelty without giving a f*ck. You don't need expensive clothes or jewelry. Live how you want and you pretty sure know how to get to what you want. You start your day free from nonsense.

3 in 1 - Instant, and poor.

Organize your life. You poor bastard.

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