AirAsia Cabin Crew Recruitment – A Fraud

[May 18, 2016 repost]

I celebrated my birthday 2 days ago.

Yes I am finally 21 years of age. I can go inside bingo houses and move freely amongst the noisy bars without the fear of having fat guards to want to take a look at my i.d. I can now sign important documents and request for a credit card. But most of all, 21 is the legal flying age.

Which means, I can now become a flight attendant.

For years I’ve had this dream and passion of becoming a flight attendant. I might have made a few turns in my life, (like taking up a Bachelor’s degree in accounting) but I didn’t hate it at all. It became some of the factors that turned me into this professional being today.

But the Philippines suck. The system here just sucks really bad. You can’t really be in an airline without having an inside man to back you up.

Picture scenario one:

There are over 5,000 people who graduate with a Bachelor’s in Tourism Management, and I am telling you it is tough for them. When all along they have this thought that Tourism Management will bring you the closest to becoming a flight attendant. In reality flight attendant need only a highschool diploma, and a very very strong inside back up.

The airline industry is full of dirt. And I was just so lucky to get in without an inside man. Currently working as a 5 star ground crew for Qatar Airways, I spend my days enjoying the inexplainable feeling of sending off 400 passengers into the air and help them fulfill their life in just hours away. People travel for a lot of reasons, and this is why I love this industry. It doesn’t have a routine. It doesn’t have a manual that gets followed everyday. Each day is a different story.

Picture scenario two:

I applied for AirAsia just 5 days ago and it didn’t go well. We were almost 1200 applicants and they were only looking for 50 people, and the worst part was, you had to only have an inside back up and you are hired no matter where you came from life. You could be at the back of the line and someone from the inside would just pick you up and tell you you’re hired and the others would have to wait in line just to tell them they don’t have the “Allstar Factor”

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