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Cebu Pacific Piso Fares – Is it a Hoax?

When I think of Cebu Pacific I think of the meanest things to say. Bet you do too. But the thing is they are the cheapest airline in the Philippines and you have absolutely no other choice at all. Yeah you get lost baggages, 12 hour delays, some annoying ground and air staff (like any other airline) but hey, you get flights than won't even cost more than $100 am I right?

Cebu Pacific Airlines has always been famous for their piso fares where they charge you Php1.00 for the base fare and add up the other taxes and it is 100% true. They've had a piso fare seat sale last Feb 3-4 where travel dates were only between June 1 - December 10 and I was able to book it with ease!

But most of the other filipinos I saw on Facebook was having a really really hard time. They either saw an error page, a never ending loading screen or just a blank white screen. I guess the PH servers got so jammed up. Since I work with a Canadian company I have a remote pc which makes me look like I'm working in Canada and I've booked everything from there and I never got a problem any time. I even went back and forth to change dates and flight details and not one time did I encounter a problem. 

So anyway, here's a step by step process for your next trip and piso fare hunting

  1. Always check at 1am. I swear, for some reason I think all airlines in the Philippines do their cleaning or something. 
  2. Subscribe to Cebu Pacific's newsletters. Get all the seat sales even before they post it on Facebook! You also get a getgo number immediately and it really helps when you start booking your flight because it puts in your information automatically.
  3. Check the travel period to make sure you are looking at the correct dates to find the seat sale promotions.
  4. Click faster haha lol but shit this is kinda true coz one moment it's there another moment buhbye.
  5. Have everything by your side (passport, ID's, credit cards/debit cards)
  6. CHECK THE ADD ONS. This topic is so deep it fucks so many people up. This is the reason why piso fares don't look like piso fares. Please check the add ons! You might see that your flight should have only costed you Php600.00 but then they are asking you to pay Php2,000.00? This is because of add-ons.
    1. So there's a fee for meals (if you're travelling dosmetically you don't really want to pay Php250.00 for shitty bread. 
    2. There's a fee for baggage allowance. Php250.00 per 15kgs domestic. Php380.00 for 20kgs (you know what I mean now)
    3. There's a fee for choosing your seat!! They charge you like 200+ for simply choosing a seat!!! Which you can for free if you check in online early enough. 
    4. Travel Insurance. I uncheck this if travelling domestically which in  theory isn't really a good decision.
  7. Pro Tip: easier to book via credit/debit cards because your seats are still not sure when you use the pay over the counter method

And there you have it! Now plan your next trip and leave.

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  1. I have been wanting to start an online business for a while and have done a lot of research about the various types of opportunities. You are absolutely right about the number of scams out there! I’ve finally come to an honest website just when I was about to give up. I realize that nothing worth having comes easy and I am prepared to work hard to develop a business I can be proud of:)

    1. Yen

      Thanks Whitney! More power to all that you do.

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