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Fluffy Friends – Seeing How Wonderful Life is Through Their Eyes

Life in general is hard. But you do can either treat this as a weakness or ignite it as a strength. Born as an only child I have lived on imagination and talking to inanimate objects. To get through the day as a young girl, I would wake up next to dolls, crayons, evidence of loneliness and the sound of silence. This all changed when I had my fluffy friends.

As of now I have 7 fluffy friends and 5 neighbor fluffy friends that sometimes sleep over.

The very first fluffy friend I had served as comfort when I moved to the Philippines. I had no one. I spoke no word. I became the wall, the furniture and the floor. I became no one. Until nano came along!!


Nano, showing a too annoyed with my hooman face as I continued to disturb his peace

My buddy continues to stare into the deep abyss of our below the knee flooded house


Crushed by nano's death I reverted back to becoming a wall. Never had I experienced much hurt. He's been with me since the day I came to the Philippines so having no friends again was deeply felt in hour one of nano's passing. After a few days of mourning, heading back from school I heard a bark like never before. It came from our rooftop only to find out that my cousin brought me a new dog, an adult named Shiela. Well she wasn't allowed to get out of her cage as she didn't know how to handle too much excitement.

Shiela was a big girl easily knocking anything and anyone she bumps into. She stayed with us for a few days but we couldn't keep her as we wanted her to be happy. She needed a bigger playing space and although the space in our hearts for her was big enough, she couldn't run far.


Shiela trying to tell me to let her out

She just can't control her happiness when I do


As time passed I've decided I wanted a feline to feed my feminine soul. Felines are like women right? You don't know what they're thinking. You have no idea why they're mad. They come to you when you're hungry and play when you're sad. I got myself kitten named him Jumong otherwise and famously know as the subdivision gangster cat. He's a gangster as he always goes out in the night, comes back in the morning with blood all over his face. And comes with me every time I have food.

Do not let him fool  you

One of my favorite give me food moments

The gangster cat still roams around with my also current uncourageous dog Rambo. He is afraid of anything. Name it. Thunder, people, ice cream, even paper. But I love him anyways.

Long ago, all the fluffy goodness lived in harmony. But then everything changed when Pia, came into our lives. She was born on the day Pia Wurtzbach won as Miss Universe. And so did Pia's beauty and intelligence arose and slowly crept into the arteries leading to our hearts. Pia, a female, is the strongest dog I've ever seen. She is both sweet and vicious. She will fight for her food but also give to those fluffers in need. 

Pia getting bored with us hoomans


Pia waking me up to say hello. My favorite moment.

With my niece snappy!

Our fluffers come in all shapes and sizes. And to us they might be just a small part of the world. To them, we are their world. If I could hold all the fluffers I've had I would as they would all fit in our family. But since this is physically impossible. All we can do is cherish their memories. Best way to cherish their memories is to keep them alive with the the Oppo F3 - Best for selfies. Best for memories.

The undeniably awesome sleek design of the Oppo F3

Fluffer beside his human through thick and thin

British Fat Cat

Ridiculously great specs

Purchase an Oppo F3 and start cherishing your moments now!


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