Getting A LinkedIn Profile – More Important Than You Think


LinkedIn is exactly like Facebook but take away the bullshit (drama, memes, selfies)

The best thing about linked in is that you will find the most professional and prestigious company looking for people there. Yeah you jobstreet. You walk around Makati giving out your resume but paper is just wastage now and everything is electronic. And what's more is that you get to see and talk to the interviewers even before you meet them and show them exactly who you are and not just what's written on your resume.

LinkedIn allows you to build your professional profile with a bit of personal touch. Beginning with the profile picture, you don't have to be in those 1x1 boxes you always put yourself in. You can be as simple as your graduation picture or as professional as Mark Zuckerburg's grey tshirt lol (sarcasm) but the thing is you get to personalize it. Another thing they offer is a backdrop. Or what we call in Facebook as the cover photo. So it is like an interactive and cool resume that they can browse around. So like a resume you can start summing up all your working experiences, your education, your age, your birthplace bla bla bla.

But there's something different.

  1. Recommendations - LinkedIn gives you the privilege of writing down 10 of your best skills and people who know you or have worked with you before can visit your profile and "like" each skill they believe you truly excel in and you can return the favor to them as well. 
  2. Personal views - You can't really write everything on a resume now can you? In LinkedIn you almost can! There is a part where you get to share your political and religious views, not that it's important but what if there is a potential employer who got interested in you just because you sparked up a nice conversation about your same Trump views? Ain't that a plus
  3. Reviews - You know how products get reviews? You get one too! Well in theory you are trying to sell yourself. LinkedIn gives employers you have worked with previously to write good (or bad) stuff they have experienced working with you. This will be a big thumbs up to your next potential employer!
  4. Newsletters - Jobstreet Lina will spam you with loads of job offers. In LinkedIn, you'll pretty much get the same except you'll also get news regarding that company.
  5. Google friendly - When the recruiters start investigating on you, they'll find your LinkedIn profile. Well it's better than seeing the twerking videos you post on Facebook.
  6. Recruiters - They are worldwide. Yeah you could go around the city and give away bunches and bunches of your resume and never get called at all. You can apply at every single Jobstreet ad you see and they'll never tell you what's wrong with you. In LinkedIn, aside from applying they'll call you because recruiters are EVERYWHERE. They just type in your profession and boom you're found.

So make your LinkedIn profile today and you can be on your way to the company you might not have dreamed of, but you should have.

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