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Musical Inspiration Series – Feeling Drunk And High (ColdPlay)


Let's just assume in my wildest dreams that I actually make it through all the hardships and here we are living the dream of being able to help produce other closet musicians because you just know how great they are. If you don't already know what the end goal is, I'll link it up after I finish it first lol.

So anyway, one musical influence among many others is the soul touching Coldplay and the song that got to me is Hymn for the Weekend. Aside from the fact that Queen B had part doing the whole production it is pretty cool. Plus I love the UK and since they are British I just couldn't love them any more than how much I do now. They always manage to be the band that touches you deep within your soul and frees your mind. I remember listening to the song on a flight once and it ABSOLUTELY changed my mood. Well not just my mood, from that moment it changed my whole personality (yes that was the flight from the UK back to this hell hole of a country the Philippines.)

Enjoy the music above and I'll update you on stuff. Close your eyes a bit and concentrate.

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