Work – The greatest thing that ever happened to me

The Intro

A lot of people have been curious and admit that they always wanted to ask me what I do for a living. And here's the very short answer I always say: I work at home.

The Long Hunt For Survival

I have been on the internet searching for ways to earn more income ever since I can remember. I possibly may have encountered every single thing! You name it. Bitcoin mining, investment schemes, buy and sell, paid-to-click ads, answering surveys, submitting blog posts and have joined more than 10+ online work offering websites. Nothing has worked better than

I used to work in an office adhering to company policies and slowly feeling my life pass away. I have been from company to company and turning down (and being turned down) by companies trying to find that sweet spot where I think I'll be happy. It wasn't all about the salary. I am the type of person who would honestly go where my heart feels the happiest rather than getting a big salary but being mentally, emotionally and spiritually unhappy.

Life Is Better

I have been with more than 5 employers during this phase of working part time / freelancing. I am sure of two things:
1. They pay more for a job you definitely will love doing
2. They are the GREATEST LEADERS I have ever met.
You won't believe how much inspiration they'll give you. It won't be like any other job you've been doing. It involves everyday critical thinking and continuous development. THEY WILL NEVER TREAT YOU LIKE EMPLOYEES. THEY WILL ALWAYS TREAT YOU EQUALLY AND PART OF THEIR FAMILY. I am telling you this. They will treat you like you are part of the head managing team and whatever you do will have great importance to the company and you will definitely feel that sense of making a huge difference.

I realized I wanted to create my career out of this and resigned. I mean I really resigned immediately and started working as a full time online worker. Now I only need 5 minutes of commute time to get to work (from my bed, to the coffee maker, to the screen), I don't worry about going home late, I do not deal with the drama of the workplace and the best part? I work in pajamas. has been the best thing that happened to me.


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