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OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

The World in Multicolor

What is life without living in the moment? It's nothing. But what are moments without having a shared experience? An empty feeling.

Travelling is one of the most real experiences a person can give to himself. It is when you unlock the crazy imaginations in your head and interline it as close as possible with reality. You know that feeling of waking up and it seems like there is no feeling. Everything is black and white. Travelling is that instrument that starts painting the world multicolor. It is when the heart starts to pound faster and it is when you unleash your soul and let it flow free across each step, each path and leave emotional footprints with places and people along the way. 

It is a way of saying "I was here. I am alive. I experienced the world, and the world experienced me."

Sharing the Experience

Social media, often depicted as bad for some people, has a great effect on us as well. The typical person in our generation needs to be both the hunter and the being hunted. Both predator and prey. We both must be strong enough to be hardworking for the family and for our own goals and dreams, but also wise enough to know that life is to be experienced with the free mind and the unrestricted soul. Our generation can't be one person anymore. We have to become an epitome of multiple personalities, we have to know and understand every situation so we could adjust and create harmony.

Most of all, in order to learn and grow with each other, we try our best as possible to share the experience. Because of all of us having different sets of responsibilities and different statuses in life, the best thing we could do is share the experience with one another. Social media has allowed us to travel the world, encounter new people, and come in contact with new experiences through the eyes of another. The #OppoF1s has been one of the greatest ways to give life and meaning to the things we have seen with our eyes and let the others know the feeling as well.

Making the Moment Last Forever

Travelling alone has given me the opportunity to explore the world as I explore myself. It has allowed me to go over the limits of the boundaries of one place as it has allowed me to surpass my limits as well. But it does really ruin that perfect #FeedGoals experience as there is no one you can rely on to take your pictures and even if you did, you probably won't have it in the exact way you want it to be. I do not own high end cameras and I don't want the hassle of it lunging across my neck ruining my #OOTD. The #OppoF1s has greatly helped me with this as it takes picture perfect selfies and #FeedGoals with it's filters, wide angle lenses and it's automatic adjustment to each scenery. Of course it is thin and lightweight so I could bring it anywhere and boast it's sophisticated sleek design.

The Splendid Cameras. Back and Front.

Born a very filipina blood, the hardest thing I had to deal with when travelling is my skin! Going to the UK really challenged every open pore and every skin imperfection to really shine through and reach their limits! Thank goodness for OPPO's Beautify 4.0 feature allowing me to take super natural photos and still be #FeedGoals ready any time, any weather!

It is simply epic.

So set off your journey with a blast with the OPPO F1s. Capture every moment and make it last forever by taking the perfect picture! It is the most beautiful thing to explore the world and live fully. Share the experience with the most epic pictures you could show the world. No doubt that the OPPO F1s is the only thing you need to bring with you to create those Instagram worthy #FeedGoals

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