Philippine Land Transport Office – A Guide To Getting Your Student’s License Quick And Easy

The Decision – Should You Get a Driver’s License?

Simple question, obvious answer. Yes. You should. Learning how to drive isn't a luxury. It's a basic necessity to cope up with the fast moving world we know today. It's like learning how to cook, you should learn how to drive as well. Even if you don't own a car, it might just one day save your life. It could also save thousands when you're going on a trip because you can borrow or rent a car and everything is relaxing. You don't have to run around the streets chasing a bus. So yes. Go get a license.

Where Do You Start? – The Run Around

First you should know what requirements you need to bring. For my city and I think for all the others they only needed two things for me to get started on my student's permit.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Valid ID (TIN, SSS ....)

And you're good to go! Visit your nearest LTO office and start the process.

  1. Ask for the application form. Fill it up with shit.
  2. Go to the medical office (just inside your LTO chamber) Pay something like Php250.00
  3. Present medical results to another window where they'll ask you for Php380.00 (For the card and all other processing fees)
  4. They'll take your picture
  5. And you're done voila! You have your very own student's permit

For more information you could visit their webiste:

Where Do We Go From Here? – A List of Affordable Driving Schools

Now all you have to find are teachers! So you'll have a choice of whether or not you enroll in a school but if you want some professionals to teach you then why not?

  1. - Php2,200.00
  2. - Php2,000.00
  3. - Php7,500.00
  4. - Php2,300.00

I'm pretty sure there are a lot of more other lying around so just keep your eyes open. 

Have fun driving and see you on the road!


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