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Road to Music Studio Series – Shopping List

What is up the internet?! So I started this series because shit I don't know I just thought I'd actually get somewhere one day producing music. It kinda has been one of my passions every since wanting to become a flight attendant (which I kinda don't want anymore). So yeah this will be the start of the "road to my own music studio" series which might turn out either a failure or not well we'll find out together I guess?

So right! Notice how I've said producing music than boosting to all you guys of how I (kinda) know how to sing. Not really though, I can't Beyonce in your face or Mariah in your ears but I can tell if something sounds right.

Ever since I've left the stupid airport with all the fake people I've had so much time to do stuff. Like I was actually able to fix my house, try to learn driving, continue improving with music and so hence, the studio

So yeah let me show you my shopping list

Not too bad eh? I did do some research but that is like the best things that fits my budget. I would go and but the best stuff if I could afford it but then again as ThinkMediaTV said "the best stuff to have is the stuff you have" so let's work it up from there. I'll update you guys and stuff.

Getting completed!

Camera -

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