Thanks to the Company Who Rejected Me

I might just say to you upfront now that it is clearly a fact that you have just lost a future 25% rise in sales. But you are too lucky to even be noticed by someone as great as I am.

I got stronger
The strength I was supposed to use for the better of what should have been my contribution to your company I was supposed to be hired at, just got greater. You could have had an increase in total assets within six months of hiring me, but instead you are now on the way to meeting your company’s last day. I acknowledge the fact that the others working for you may have a different set of great skills from mine, but then again, judging by your standards of not accepting me into what was supposed to be our family, now you will have to find a great accountant (which clearly you will not afford anymore) to liquidate what is now left of your company.

I became wiser
I now know for a fact that your company must have low standards judging by the people you chose to reject. The wisdom I was supposed to share with you has now been more upgraded and will be put to better use. Clearly your human resources department is either malfunctioned or the company itself has limits. Those who are crazy enough to accept crazy people, are usually the ones who crazily succeed in all aspects.

You have ignited the barbarian in me
For starters, I will start tearing down walls and burn down buildings. This is not like Godzilla or something. I mean this by setting myself on fire. I will go beyond of what I have come to. I have not come this far to come this far and you will have nothing only but regrets. Whenever you look out your office window and see someone running through the streets and on fire. That is when you know you have just lost the kind of employee you would have loved to have.

Thanks to you.
So thank you for the opportunity of being rejected by you, the company which I have bettered myself through efforts and hard work to get into, only to be rejected, I will see you on the other side. On which the day I will have to interview you to get into my company, and you’ll have to set yourself on fire too.

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