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The End Goal – Building the Empire with Closet Musicians

Take note that this may actually change over time. But at the time of writing this, here is our goal: To help closet musicians be produced.

A lot of musicians tend to stay at home and know nothing about producing themselves. Let's face it, musicians are commonly introverts and could care less of what people think. Hey as long as they are expressing what they love what else could go wrong right? Wrong. As the wise men said, everything you expect to go wrong will go wrong. The thing is their talents are being wasted simply because they don't have the right tools to produce themselves. I want to help them.

End goal is me learning how to use shit and because in the end my college friends and I have saved up enough to open up our very own coffee shop, we would help them take their talent to a whole new level by letting them play there.

Part 1: The Home Studio

Home studio phase includes actually making a home studio first so we could record. Point is to get all the almost correct equipment first (because we start off quite poor) view here on my own personal shopping list or what as I would call my "Road To Music Studio" shopping list. Here we will assemble the music and put everything together. Oh did I mention I didn't want to do too many videos with me in it? Yeah I'm okay but I'd rather be in the background making sure is okay for you rather than me actually singing. I'm okay singing I just know there are better ones out there. I hope I learn the shit I really need. End goal part 1: Build a proper music studio. Doesn't have to be fancy. Just has to work.

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Part 2: 365DaysOfCoffee on YouTube

Where else would we go right? So next phase is going into the YouTube world. Immediately you'll think go into the music section right? But it will different with the 365DaysOfCoffee community. We will be targeting music a lot more than other genres. But we will emerge in so many other categories cause why not right? The more the merrier and if one out of every ten videos doesn't suck and we earn $5 in a week well holy shit we will be going on from there. After all, the whole point is to express right? So we will touch everything from music, to make up, to everyday life and hacks. You might also be thinking why I didn't make the brand name my name. Well, as I've always experienced and learned (in a hard way) that the best things happen by groups. It's just also hard to keep up a brand name that is your name. A lot of your privacy will be hit and hey, 365DaysOfCommunity will feel like a family more than anything else so that is important by the way. So end goal part 2: Earn $5 a week.

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Part 3: Social Media Critics: Good or Bad we are mad!

Well everybody knows what's next. We go on twitter, facebook and all that fun stuff. We kiss the haters and high five the fans! Because good or bad is still publicity and this is a good start to actually gain at least a few followers on YouTube. Come on Philippines is kind of a wide place to start and a lot of people do nothing (even at work) except go on social media. So I'll probably have like 2 followers (2 of my college friends) but if you're reading this I hope you ride along too! We will post fun stuff.


Part 4: Coffee Shop

Now this is where it gets interesting. We will have our own simple yet elegant 365DaysOfCoffee shop! Where else could you get coffee right? The difference is all music will be done by our soon to be music stars on our YouTube base. This will comprise all singers singing anywhere as long as they are a closet musician willing to show the world their talent! Music happens at night when the office geeks turn into the musician they always were. So in the morning their music will still be played all through out the day. Stay tuned!

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