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The Roadhouse Manila Bay Review – Not As Fun As They Said!

So recently I've been studying rhythm bossa nova (is that even a thing). The bossa nova guitar thing you do in the background where the singer sings along to. Not the crazy lead kind. Right now, it is okay when I do it by itself. But when I start singing to it! Ugh! You'd rather hear a singing horse. Confusing!! So I did a lot of research online which basically is watching YouTube videos and I just figured I want to see it live where everything is improvised (or not) by the band. I search google for jazz clubs in manila and it turns out one of them was near me. So anyway! Went to a place called The Road House Manila Bay. It is right at the seaside of Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Spoiler alert: The experienced SUCKED.


List of things why it sucked for me

  1. The customer service. Don't get me wrong. They are pretty and handsome people. The men might actually be gay but they look really good and badass because they had this uniform that makes you look like hardcore bikers. But shit it is super hard to catch their attention. There is one lady that wasn't though but the rest really. I've worked in customer service before so I know that your duty is to actually anticipate what the customers need so you are being paid to be extra attentive to each customer and the surroundings. Their waiters and waitresses was sure as hell not paying attention to anything but to the band playing. Another thing is I was actually shouting at them (because I needed the bill, and fyi I started very low like how your morning alarm works and worked my way up) and oh my god I ended up needing to stand up and tap one on the shoulder (and until then her eyes were still fixated on the band) just to get her attention. The bill arrived long too so that's that.
  2. The band. Now I cannot really judge on this part. I've talked around to some of the people and they said there are better music in other days just so happened the current band I came too is kind of boring. What do you think of when you hear the word jazz? Saxophones. Singing blues. Some electric guitar here and there. All I heard was shouting one to three words at a time and playing loud electric guitar that you couldn't even tell he was saying anything on mic unless you looked to see that he was opening his mouth. Oh god the music killed me and my appetite. No sexy sax too which was really a bummer. I wasn't even interested to take pictures of the band anymore due to my disappointment.
  3. The PRICE - If you are following anything here you will know that I am one of the cheapest persons alive. Since I am an accountant by nature I tend to think of all the costs involved making a product (I even include taxes!) and compare it to how much they sell it and shit. The place sells golden food! I'll attach the menu or something. And just to tell you, the food doesn't even taste like wow.


I guess that's the downside. I can't say I hated everything. The ambiance was really quite good. Almost like a bikers' pub in London.

Don't be surprised. This isn't your everyday bar with young kids and drunk people everywhere. You will see a lot of wise, old men and women having a good time here. Music is quite old but I like it (Except the current band I told you about) they do have some music playing in the background before the band arrived and I appreciated it. You can bring a friend because it's not as noisy as other bars so you could still have a quiet conversation


Overall: Restaurant is 3/10






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