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Tubigan Resort (Cavite) – Affordable Getaway!

Two words: Cartoon Statues

It was okay. There were 4 pools in the whole resort.

  1. 2ft
  2. 3ft with slides
  3. 3ft with rain
  4. 5ft+ with slides

I enjoyed the experience honestly because I was with my family. It was my nephew's birthday that day so I got to get in free which made it better lol.

Oh and price is Php200 per head. There are cottages that will range from Php300-1500. And there are rentable rooms well honestly I don't know how much.

The place was definitely instagrammable! Everywhere you look is so frikkin cute. Enter a world of water, slides, showers, waterfalls featuring our favorite pals: spongebob and friends, the justice league, hello kitty, frozen cast, pokemon. There are a lot more! Super family place. Their place was small when it comes to the cottages. They just can't put them anywhere else. There's also a karaoke area and you are allowed to bring food in as of this date. But I did hear from the staff that they were planning to open home cooked meal restaurants inside the place and when that happens, you won't be allowed to bring food in anymore, but it won't happen til another couple of months. 

I can't find anything negative to say except that there were too many kiddie pools. Not really a bad thing because it is a family place. It's just that all the adults were squeezed in a kind small-ish 5ft+ pools whereas the kids can choose between 3 major big swimming pools so that's the only thing. The staff were accommodating and kind. The toilets were clean and the water in them were strong so don't worry. There are also a lot of toilets left and right side of the resort so no you won't run out of toilets.

Another important thing worth mentioning is that they close at 5pm. Only the overnighters are allowed to stay in. We were kinda near the place so we didn't need to sleep there. Also I liked that they didn't allow all people in. Once they reached that people limit that's it. So you won't find yourself suffocating inside.

Overall rating: 8/10. Needs more adult pools.

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