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UK Series – Etihad Airways Manila Station + Back to the Airport

Day 0 - Back to the Airport

No kidding. I was so excited to leave this freaking country I forgot to sleep well. My bags were packed days before the flight to make sure I didn't forget anything. Well so okay. Got to see my old airport pals Trish and Christian. Same old same old. Key to friendship is meaningful communication. Different backgrounds, different professions but totally fun together. They stayed with me until I got through the tube to start boarding.

Day 0 - Check-in

Ground Handling

My flight was with Etihad Airways and special thanks to Abigael Cheng and the Etihad Airways Manila Station for giving the best ground customer service! They were amazing. They checked us in so early and got everyone ready for take off so fast. Plus they were so polite. You can see that there were a lot of passengers but oh how they still smile. Kudos!

Want a hassle free check in process? Check out these tips:

  • Pre-weigh your baggage at home. Do something to atleast find out.
  • Maximum baggage allowance (for most airlines, not all.)
    • For international flights going to Europe/North America: 2 bags, of which the maximum of each must be 23 kgs.
    • For international flights going anywhere else: 1-2 bags, maximum of 30kgs (depending on your booking class)
  • Please try to have only one carry on! Trust me this isn't only for weight thingy but also for the convenience inside the plane. Of which has to be 7kgs max but 10kgs if you have a laptop with you.
  • Bring a pen with you. You won't believe how many forms you need to fill out during your entire trip.
  • Please get to the airport at least 3 hours before your flight or else please stop complaining on the long line.
  • Do not put liquid items more than 100ml, sharp object, flammables, aerosols or smelly items on your carry-on. Airport staff have the right to check and have the right to confiscate these items. If you want water the airport has in-house duty free's.
  • Please remember to keep your important documents on you at all times. Immigration staff will be very picky with these and it's better to keep them handy even if you feel they wont need it.
  • Be polite to the airport staff. They are working people. Just like you and me. Let them do their job and they will treat you properly
  • Dress nicely! I mean okay this isn't exactly a tip but hey. It's nice to get comfy during the flight.
  • Apply deodorant. Seriously please.
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