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Valentines Day Guide – For the Single AF

Here we go

It's that time again folks where the lovers come out to play. But what about when you're single? Is there anything you could in this cruel world?

Fear Not!

365daysofcoffee is here for you 365 days a year! Here's a list of legitimate things to forget you're single.

  1. Watch Movies! - - Yes! Movies is a free movie source website which has a database of over 5000 movies! From the classics The Godfather to the newest movies of today! Ever since torrent sites went down this has been our new favorite place. They list whether it is an HD copy or a CAM copy but a sure thing is that it is legitimate. The best part about it is that there are no ads! And please stay away from those lovey dovey movies if you're only going to end up crying ugh.
  2. Listen to Music! - - This is specifically jazz music. The kind you hear in coffee shops and elevators. Well the point being is you have to stay away from music that will make you cry. Jazz boosts your spirits up.
  3. Cook! - While playing jazz in the background which you will find a bit classic and kind of... French feel? Ahh just cook! Desserts to be exact because it makes life sweet. Todd's kitchen is a YouTube channel promised to provide you very simple dessert recipes you can easily do at home and by yourself. You know cook anything. The point being is stay at home for a while let their moments pass. Or you can just don't cry god.
  4. Or we could just go out - Fine. You can go out just don't cry. There are a lot of events during valentines and invite as many friends as possible and have a blast! There's no better time to spend your young days than being single! No ties, no need for permissions and total freedooooom!

Stay safe okay.

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