Why Some Employers Suck – 10 Truths On Why Employees Leave

1. The Unbearable Boss

He is nasty. He is the biggest cliché in any workplace. He might even be the devil. He is that one evil supervisor who is always being featured in many boss is evil films. What’s unfortunate is that it happens in the real world as well! It’s a reality all workers face and deal with every day. These are the bosses the employees huddle up and talk about in the coffee room and think of ways how to bring them down.

There’s nothing you can do but

  1. Annihilate them one by one,
  2. Documenting their bad behavior
  3. Find many members of the “I hate him team”
  4. Or just go to human resources.

2. No Promotions

Finding yourself in a place where you know you’re not going anywhere in your career is not a good place for an employee to be in. You will lose your soul. The first step to find out is honestly step back and look at the situation. List some reasons why you won’t get promoted. If you feel like you might be the problem, you can always learn new things and find ways to prove that you are worthy to push up.

But if you know you’re doing a good job and you notice everyone else is getting pass you, be strong and know it may be time to move on to another company or a new line of work.

3. Incompetent People

There’s always that one person in the company that has such a good position but sometimes you wonder “How the hell did he get that job?” or “There must be something wrong with the human resources department over here. There are thousands of people who should have the right to move up to a lot of positions but don’t. There’s a pro and con to that situation

Pro: Being the smartest person in the room actually might be good as if the higher managers might see the potential simply because of the competence your manager simply isn’t showing

Con: If you’re that passive type of employee, you won’t learn much from your senior and you will wind up stuck

4. Micromanagement

Everyone’s had that boss that’s always watching everything you do. Yes being there is good. But too much of the boss is not. It can be a nightmare not being able to breathe without the boss knowing. This is a common result from trust issues within the company.

Employees just stay safe to hold on for dear job, be polite, tactful and restless

5. Being Overworked

Not being able to attend family reunion’s anymore? Not being able to experience your “me-time”? Not being able to see friends and have drinks? Are you even yourself? You are being overworked. Not being paid well for overtime is one but not being able to be yourself is a whole different story.

You know this is you when all you remember during your Friday night is the whole week of just working, being too tired to do anything else. And heck, you might even need to go to the office for weekends.

6. Favoritism

Have you ever felt like there is one annoying creature in the office that always gets special treatment at work? Whether it’s more pay, few workloads, better schedule or undeserved promotion? This destroys so much morale to anyone else seeing it. This destroys the fire you once had to join the competition. It is tough to admit but when it’s not hard to see then you are in the wrong place

7. Being Unappreciated

They say that when you apply for a job, you shouldn’t have the need to be appreciated in order to do better and that you should initiate becoming better by simply motivating yourself. Wrong. Of course we want a thank you. Thank you doesn’t mean we have to receive a cake right? A simple pat on the back or maybe a few beers at work would be just as good. You would be surprised at how well they do each task just by simply appreciating his job well done.

8. No Job Security

We are people. We have constant bills to pay. Some are settled down and some are saving up. With a lot of other fresh graduates looking for a job which will honestly save the company more money to hire them and fire you is a constant worry to all employees. Being treated like you are just as valuable as a used stapler makes some of us have a hard time sleeping at night.

9. Low Salary

It’s not just having low salary. It’s about the reality that you are being paid poorly. It’s hard to live on a pay check to pay check basis where you receive your salary and end up just crawling your way through the next one. Life is why we work anyway. What you can do about this is gain more experience, improve your knowledge on your work, show the managers the positive performance you make and that will somehow make a difference in times to come

10. Lack of Communication

This is a very big no no in any company. Communication extends beyond the work and into the life and soul of a human being. That is one level that when touched gives deeper meaning to his work.

This kind of issue starts when the team starts avoiding the encountered problems, there is always that awkward feeling left inside the room.

This is simply solved by making time to bond with the employees, listen closely and ask questions not only related to work but their family, there is more than just exchanging words through email so be present.


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